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Musway Announces Changes in the US Marketplace

Posted on May 22, 2022 by 12VoltNews in Industry and tagged Musway.

Musway Announcement

MURRIETA, CA (05.23.22) – Musway has appointed Global Audio Marketing as the exclusive US Marketing partner for Musway Technology Limited. Longtime industry veteran John Franks has joined as the National Sales Manager.

Musway is a high-quality manufacturer of DSP processors, DSP amplifiers, amplifiers and speaker systems. Global Audio Marketing is proud and excited to serve the US retailers with high quality product, training and great service from our talented rep firms.

Musway Announcement

John Franks, Global Audio Marketing National Sales Manager, holds a Musway product and attractive product packaging.

“Musway has a wide range of high-end DSP products including processors and amplifiers. All of the electronics are Start-Stop ready and have EPS (Error Protection System) for Intelligent high-level inputs. Our customers love using the intuitive, easy to tune one screen software interface which makes system tuning and the installation of DSP products that much easier.”

Musway has also introduced several new models including:

M12 (12 channel amplifier with 16 channels of DSP)

D1S (4 channel amplifier with 6 channels of DSP)

BTA2 which is a Bluetooth USB dongle for audio streaming and tuning

that utilizes the Musway downloadable app for use on your smartphone.

Musway Announcement

Rounding out the new product introductions are two new models in the non-DSP MX amp series. The TWO.100 (2 x 115) and the EIGHT.100 (8 x 100) fill out the great sounding lineup of MX series amplifiers.

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