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4-Channel Full Range Class D Amplifier

The FOUR.100 is a versatile workhorse 4 Channel amplifier. It features 4 X 130/220 Watts at 4/2ohm @ 14.4V, and is bridgeable to 2 X 435 Watts at 4 Ohms @ 14.4V. It can be easily used as a traditional 4 channel amp in a 5-channel system by adding a MUSWAY mono subwoofer amplifier (ONE.1000, ONE 600) or run bridged at 435W X 2 to drive woofers or subwoofers. The FOUR.100 also has Bandpass filters for your active speaker needs. It is also a perfect companion for systems that include MUSWAY DSP/Amps and Processors.

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FOUR.100 Overview

FOUR.100 Product Overview

  • Start-Stop ready
  • EPS (Intelligent High Level Input Error Protection System)
  • Utilizes 4-fold laminated circuit boards that allows for small size and effectively suppresses EMI (RF) interference which is a must for full range Class D Amplifiers. Passes the difficult EMI European standards.
  • High- and Low-Level Inputs
  • RCA (Low Level) output.
  • Brushed aluminum heat sink and end panels
  • Auto Turn On via DC Offset or Signal Sensing
  • Remote level controller is included in the box