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6-Channel Full Range Class D Amplifier with 8-Channel Digital Sound Processor

The M6 ​​model can surely be seen as a new milestone in amplifier construction. It is barely imaginable that a fully grown class D amplifier works in this small housing, featuring six channels of amplification and 8 channels of Digital Sound Processing. The M6 features 6 x 70/80 watt at 4/2 Ohm and is bridgeable at 240 watts x 3 at 4 Ohms.

Price: $849.95


M6 Product Overview

  • Start-Stop ready
  • EPS (Intelligent High-Level Input-Error Protection System)
  • Brushed aluminum heat sink and end panels
  • Auto Turn On via DC Offset or Signal Sensing
  • Utilizes 4-fold laminated circuit boards that allows for small size and effectively suppresses EMI (RF) interference which is a must with full range Class D amplifiers. Passes the difficult European EMI standards
  • Clipping LED’s
  • With the easy-to-use MUSWAY PC software, the M6 can be configured perfectly and in real time via PC or the new Musway app for your smartphone or tablet.
  • With the 3 optional USB Bluetooth dongles you can stream audio, stream aptX HD Hi Res audio, and can have app control for DSP Tuning from your smartphone or tablet. Also available is the optional DRC1 digital remote control with OLED display that puts the control of your audio system at your fingertips.