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6.5" MG Series 125W RMS 4 Ohms, Active 2-way Component System

Experience audio perfection with the Musway MG6.2W 16.5 CM (6.5") Midrange Speakers. This speaker is not only visually stunning but also engineered for top-tier performance. The high-quality aluminum basket with narrow struts ensures optimal ventilation, while a twisted, nickel-plated T-plate and multiple ventilation openings prevent overheating, allowing for distortion-free high-volume playback over extended periods.

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MG62W Overview

MG6.2W Product Overview

  • Feast for the Eyes: The 16.5 cm bass-midrange driver features a stunning aluminum basket with narrow struts, ensuring optimal ventilation behind the centering.
  • Overheat-Proof Design: A beautifully twisted and nickel-plated T-plate, along with multiple ventilation openings, prevents overheating of the voice coil, allowing these speakers to handle high levels without distortion over extended periods.
  • Unparalleled Performance: With a 13.4 mm long winding height of the voice coil, these speakers offer a large linear deflection of the membrane, delivering an exceptional audio experience.
  • Magnetic Powerhouse: Equipped with a larger than average, 13.7 ounce magnetic drive in Y30 quality, these speakers are built to perform and are protected by a durable rubber boot.